Completed Projects

Inclusive Education Project

With an objective of mainstreaming children with disability by putting them into normal schools with general children, the project started in 2009 and has completed 5 phases. Enrolled more than 300 Children with disability into more than 180 primary and secondary schools. Parents counseling, care givers training and teacher’s training have helped in equipping them to handle children with disability.

The projects operates out of Serampore and mostly targets children in Hooghly and Howrah district in West Bengal. The last phase of the project has been completed in December 2017.

Access to Livelihood Project

With an objective of training and assisting persons with disability with livelihood, the project has completed two phases. The first phase operated in and around Serampore in Hooghly district whereas the second phase focused in Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly, Bardhaman, Midnapore, Nadia, South 24 and North 24 parganas in West Bengal. Parents counseling, employer workshops and community sensitization workshops have helped in building the necessary momentum. More than 1000 persons with disability have undergone various types of vocational training and 750 persons with disability have got into different kind of jobs / livelihood.

Shelter Home Project

Various infrastructure related projects namely toilet remodeling, complete overhaul of electricity lines have been completed in Tollygunge home in 2015 – 16. Health and nutrition project involving Tollygunge residents have been completed in 2017.