Volunteering Services

We are very happy to bring our special world a bit closer to you. There are a number of ways you can support or connect with us – by volunteering, by getting involved in our activities. Our activities give you a platform to improve the lives of Persons with Disabilities and bring change in their lives.

Currently we have quiet a few active Volunteers, some are as mentioned below:

Saikat Gupta

He is an IT infrastructure & Training specialist. He was associated with Compass Ankur for the last five years focusing on IT training to the underprivileged. Currently he is associated with Supertron Foundation.

He continues to spend his valuable time for Cheshire Homes in the area of content and graphic presentations, designing leaflets and books, capturing rare moments of persons with disability through photography.

Disha Patra

A teacher in Assembly of God Church School, Tollygunge for 9 years. She is a MA. B.Ed and she teaches Geography, Bengali and English in the school. With Diploma in Classical Dance – Manipuri and Bharatnatyam, She is an excellent dancer herself and She takes her valuable time out for all the cultural programs that is held at Tollygunge Home.

She has actively participated in all 5 – 6 cultural programs those were held during 2016 – 17.

Cheshire Homes need many such volunteers to take forward the gigantic task of Rehabilitation of Persons with disability that we have taken on ourselves.

If you want to be a part of this noble cause and wish to give some of your time with these activities, please fill in the form. We will get back to you soon.