• ASHA SCHOOL : ASHA School, Kolkata established in Sep 1992 with an aim to provide education, care and rehabilitation to Differently abled children. The School is being run by HQ Bengal Area under the aegis of HQ Eastern Command, AWWA
  • BEHALA BODHAYAN : An Association of parents of Persons with mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities, which works for their education, vocational training, welfare, social integration and rehabilitation.
  • DISCOVER A NEW DAWN : Discover A New Dawn (D.A.N.D), a social welfare organization in Kolkata, and is working for development and rehabilitation of people with disabilities and undertakes various charitable activities for benefit of Differently abled community as a whole.
  • SAMAJ UNNAYAN KENDRA, BARUIPUR : Working with Aged / Elderly, Differently Abled, Disaster Management, Health & Family Welfare and Inclusive Education programs for the last 10 years mostly in Sunderban areas of West Bengal. Have created tremendous impact in their area of activities
  • MAKHLA MUKTADHARA, UTTARPARA : A Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled [MMRCD] has been working since 1998 to address issues related to Disabled children and their rehabilitation in society.
  • SILENCE, KOLKATA : A centre for socio-economic rehabilitation of the Deaf and other physically challenged persons of the society. SILENCE came into existence in the year 1979. It all started with a handful of deaf artists with a bit of creative skill-sets and lots of dreams to achieve an economic and spiritual self-sufficiency. Their dedication and a bold initiative to create hand-painted greeting cards attracted a group of self-effacing social activists. And together, they formed a society that got itself registered as an NGO.
  • BEHALA DRISHTIHIN SILPANIKATAN, KOLKATA : Working with Visually Impaired candidates. They are making “Agarbati Sticks.
  • SOHAM, KOLKATA : Provided training for self employment and on-the-job training to such persons to enable them to come to main stream of the society.
  • DIVINE FELLOWSHIP (DF) : A Blind School, located in Kolkata. The School’s purpose is to educate, rehabilitate, and integrate blind students into the mainstream.