Ongoing Projects

Inclusive Education Project

  • The Project aims at identifying Children with disability, Counseling Parents, providing special education and therapeutic interventions to them, Teachers Training, enrolling them into general schools with normal children. Scope of work in the project has so far been confined to a few blocks in Hooghly district of West Bengal eg Singur East and West, Baidyabati, Kamarkundu, Uttarpara, Rishra, Sewrampore. The need for expanding the area of work, is immense.
  • Children with disability, who are identified to be part of the project, generally come from rural/semi urban and low economic backgrounds. After project intervention, children from many families have started going to schools and many of them are first time school goers in the family.
  • Training of Care Givers and training of Teachers re : handling and managing of Children with disability, are some of the major activities in the Project.
  • More than 350 Children with disability have been enrolled in more than 175 schools during last 7 years of Project operation.

Access to Livelihood Project

  • This project aims at identifying Persons with disability, Assessing their capabilities and training requirements, imparting training to them, helping them to earn Livelihood by placing them in various companies.
  • Persons with disability in the 6-7 districts of West Bengal where the scope of the project is , generally come from lower economic strata of the society where the monthly family income is abysmally low. The scope of placement and employment are very low in these districts. Persons with disability do not want to migrate to cities for Livelihood . The project tries to place a person with disability or provide Livelihood assistance to the persons with disability, close to their place of stay or residences – which is a challenge.
  • After training, persons with disabilities have been placed in companies like Wow Momo, CCD , Reliance Fresh, Big Bazar, Bazar Kolkata , Arambagh Food Mart to name a few.

Life style Improvement Project

  • This project aims at improving the quality of life of the Residents of Tollygunge Cheshire Home. The scope begins with fulfilling daily nutritional requirements, making studies and learning accessible , regular medical checkups and physical fitness, developing natural skills in drawing, painting, music and other cultural pursuits and ends with improvements through therapeutic interventions like dance – music therapy and physiotherapy.
  • Daily diet requirements are drawn up on consultation with Dietician, Services of Dentist, Gynecologist and general physicians are made available periodically. Drawing, Painting, Dance and Music classes are organized with the help of professionals in their respective fields.
  • Project has been running for last 2 years and there has been a perceptible improvement in residents physically as well as intellectually. The Project Funding has come from M/s Exide Industries, a pioneer in the field of Car, Truck Battery manufacturing in India.
  • This is a pioneering project of Cheshire Homes – Tollygunge.