Serampore Cheshire Home

About Serampore Home

Serampore Cheshire Home was established in 1956 on the banks of Hooghly river and The Founder, Late Lord Leonard Cheshire himself had direct intervention in the establishment of Serampore Cheshire Home and had visited the home thrice.

The Serampore Home shelters 27 male and female Persons with Disabilities.

At Serampore, we have residential and community based services for the disabled. The residential services provide support for daily living to disabled men, women and children, through personal care, rehabilitation and recreational activities.

Administrative Committee

Serampore Cheshire Home

No Name Designation Phone No
1 Sister Jayanti Superintendent 8902188438
2 Mr. Chittaranjan Bera President 9433072894
3 Mr. S. K. Ray Vice President 9830129835
4 Mr. G. Jayanth Secretary 9831012281
5 Mr. Ramesh Narayan Treasurer 9830089676
6 Dr. P. K. Das Member and Medical officer 9433345591
7 Dr. Basudev Chakraborty Member 9433099376