Upcoming Projects

A. Cheshire Homes – Tollygunge

Projects Project Cost (INR)
Lifestyle improvement project for residents 8.50 lacs pa.
Painting – outside and inside 4.25 lacs
Renovation of office room & toilet 3.00 lacs
Renovation of LRC office toilets – 2 no 2.50 lacs
Flooring, painting, roof repairing for LRC office and training room 3.00 lacs
AC – 2 Nos, LCD display – 1 no, other office infrastructure at LRC office. 2.00 lacs
Relaying pipes for water connectivity throughout the home 1.50 lacs
Renovation of study room and dormitory 2.50 lacs
Sponsorship of electricity bill 1.25 lacs
Celebrating three functions in a year:

– Thanks Giving Day – February / March
– Founders Day – September
– World Disability Day – December
1.95 lacs
Front lawn beautification and maintenance 1.75 lacs
Livelihood Project 12.00 lacs

B. Bishop House, 51 Chowringhee Road, Kolkata

Projects Project Cost (INR)
Office renovation 3.00 lacs pa.

C. Serampore Cheshire Home

Projects Project Cost (INR)
Life style Improvement Project 12.00 lacs pa.
Livelihood Project 6.75 lacs
Vocational Training Centre 4.00 lacs